Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A24 London Road Consultation

My response to the proposals
Regarding the proposals for London Road, I refer you to David Hembrow’s article  explaining why the ‘dual network’ approach is unsuitable and more space consuming than simply putting in one cycle network of such high quality that it is suitable for everyone rather than two networks which are suitable for nobody.

Pedestrians are hostile to cyclists on the pavement, motorists are hostile, to the point of deadly violence, towards cyclists on the road, cyclists don’t want to be slowed down by mixing with pedestrians or intimidated by mixing with motor vehicles. The only satisfactory solution is to create a cycle path segregated from both pedestrians and vehicles, built to the standards set by the Dutch with features such as priority over side roads, a continuous unbroken route just as any road should be and its own traffic light sequence. 

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